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The 10 Choices

Choose your mindset, change your life.

This program is limited to 10 women.

My Choice Mindset info page

10 Weeks of Life Coaching, Learning, and Application

Get individual help and be part of a small, supportive group.


Individual Coaching

Get personal help from me in weekly one-on-one coaching sessions.

Typing on a Computer

Class Instruction

Learn 10 powerful choices that will allow you to take your marriage and life to the next level.

Virtual Team Meeting
Writing with Pen

Small Group Coaching


Find greater insights and more application as you watch others being coached.

Apply what you're learning in practical ways and see the results in your life.


Are you ready to...

  • Improve your interactions and relationships. 

  • Make steady progress toward your goals.

  • Love more and judge less.

  • Be dauntless and clear in your decisions.

  • Handle high-emotion moments skillfully.

  • Stop holding yourself back.

  • Navigate your responsibilities with greater ease.

How It Works

Sign up today to reserve your spot with $100 deposit. I keep this group small and exclusive (limited to 10 women) so that you can get plenty of coaching.

You get 10 individual coaching sessions + 10 group coaching and instruction sessions: a $2000 value. But I'm offering a 50% discount for anyone who registers by February 1st!


Reserve your spot with a $100 deposit. Remaining $900 due as follows:

$450 by March 1, 2022

$450 by March 31, 2022



Starting February 1, 2022 classes followed by small group coaching will be held at 7:00pm MDT every Tuesday for 10 weeks.



You and I will schedule a recurring time for your weekly individual coaching session.



Register Today and Save 50%

I'm offering a 50% discount for anyone who registers before February 1st! That's a $1000 discount. So, hold your place with a $100 deposit today and pay the other $900 as follows: $450 by March 1, 2022, and $450 by March 31, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions
In the Classroom

Question: When are the classes and group coaching sessions?

Answer: Beginning February 1, 2022, these classes + sessions will be every Tuesday, at 7pm MDT. Final class, Tuesday, April 5, 2022.


Question: Are the classes and group coaching sessions combined?

Answer: Yes. The first part of the 60-90 minute session will be instruction, followed by group coaching.

Question: What exactly is "group coaching?"

Answer: In group coaching, I will coach one person at a time. Others present, will listen. I will get to as many who want to be coached as I can in our limited time. This is an important element to this program, because watching someone else be coached often gives us even greater insight into our own brains.

Question: What if I don't want to be coached in front of other people?

Answer: In the group coaching setting, I will only coach those who volunteer.  You can attend classes and group coaching sessions anonymously, and with your camera off, if you prefer.

Question: What if I miss a class?

Answer: You will get the most out of this program if you can be present for all 10 classes and group coaching sessions. However, if you are unable to attend a class, I will share a recording of that class with you.

Question: What is the length of my weekly one-on-one session?

Answer: These sessions are 50-60 minutes.

Question: When is my weekly one-on-one session?

Answer: You will schedule a recurring time with me that will work with your schedule.

Question: Will there be men in this program?

Answer: No. While men would also benefit greatly from this program it would change the dynamic of the group. This program is reserved for 10 women only. 

Have More Questions About This Program?

 Email me any question you have. I would love to send you more information. I will give you a personal response within 24 hours.

Thanks for submitting!

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