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The Empowerment Solution Includes:

Three months of personalized coaching one on one with me.

(Your choice of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions.)


A safe, judgement-free place to take an honest look at your thoughts and beliefs.


Personalized e-mail support in between, as needed.


A video recording of each of your individual sessions for your personal use.


Personalized homework practice to help you:

  • recognize and investigate your existing beliefs.


  • find where your power is in any situation.


  • work with your brain to intentionally create new beliefs.


  • recognize and process emotion.


  • own your choices, and choose deliberately.


  • create greater connection in your relationships.

What It Costs

3 Monthly payments of $400

3 Monthly payments of $200

3 Monthly payments of $100

Let's set up your FREE initial coaching call. No obligation and no billing until after we meet and decide that it's a good fit. Schedule today and let's start coaching!

Still Hesitant?
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

That's understandable. Our brains will always resist change. That’s what brains do! It is their job to keep us safe and alive. Our brains want to keep us doing what we have always done, because, clearly, it hasn’t killed us yet. Honestly, if survival is your goal, the rinse-and-repeat strategy will keep you there.  But, if you’re tired of getting more of what you’ve already got, and feeling more of what you already feel, if you truly want to thrive, it is time to let go of the familiar discomfort, and choose the discomfort of growth.

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