• Leslie Merrell


I love words!

I love looking up definitions, even of common words, and finding new insights from them.

Imagine my delight in discovering the word:


It means:

delaying things until later.

It's Latin root means:

of tomorrow.

You might be more familiar with it being combined with the prefix


which is defined as:

on the yes side.



Yes tomorrow, or yes later.

I was fascinated to learn recently, that when we procrastinate, we usually leave at least 80% of our work until the "last minute", so to speak. Then, with the deadline looming, we don't allow ourselves the luxury of wasting time, or of indulging in perfectionism. The pressure of completion becomes more critical than the need to make it perfect. This is why so many people say that they work better under pressure.

This may be true. But it is important to recognize where the feeling of pressure comes from.

You probably believe that the pressure comes from the deadline.

But the truth is that the feeling of pressure comes from

your thoughts about the deadline.

For example:

You receive an assignment with the deadline 2 months away. Your thoughts about the deadline may begin with, "I have plenty of time" or "I'll work on that later",

creating feelings of relaxation, or confidence.

But then, when the deadline is only 2 weeks away, your thoughts about the deadline may have shifted to, "I have to get this done!" or "I don't have time to be distracted,"

creating feelings of pressure or focus.

The deadline didn't change. Your thoughts about the deadline changed.

Your thoughts always create your feelings. Always.

And, your feelings always drive your actions. Always.

This is good news. It means that you don't have to wait until the last minute to feel focused. You simply need to choose thoughts that create the feeling of 'focused'.

Then, with the feeling of 'focused' you can choose to do the first 80% of your assignment in the first two weeks. You can work with the same approach of not wasting time, and not indulging in perfectionism. You can act with confidence, knowing that you can use the coming weeks to perfect it as much as you want.

Give yourself this gift of, what I will call,


Pre- defined as:

before in time, earlier.


Before tomorrow, before later.


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