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How I Coach
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What It Looks Like

In your individual sessions you can expect lots of curiosity, no judgement, and likely some laughter, and possibly some tears. I promise to call you out and give it to you straight when needed. I provide a safe and loving space to explore your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. As we meet one-on-one over Zoom, we will look at how you currently experience your relationship, and we will talk about what you wish was different. Your personalized sessions will be full of coaching, teaching and tools to help you interact authentically in your dynamic relationship. 

Your Desired Results Will Come Through:

It's hard to notice what you don't know to look for.  I teach you to recognize where and how you have been inviting discord. Awareness is the catalyst for change.


Your thoughts, beliefs, and habits are what create your experience. I teach you how to bring them into alignment with your values.  

Alignment empowers change.


As your coach, I will walk beside you as you learn to navigate your evolving relationship. You will gain confidence as you choose love and release control.

Assimilation is the incorporation of change.

This Approach Works!

Starting with your first session, you will have specific homework and tools to put into practice.

Image by Sarah Cervantes

Identify and embrace your power in any circumstance.

Image by Taylor Smith

Create intentional opportunities for connection in your relationship.

Pencil and Notebook

Gain clarity of your beliefs and values.

Yoga at Home

Feel greater peace as you own your emotions.


Become confident in your ability to communicate clearly and respectfully.


Enjoy greater authenticity in your relationships.

Staying Stuck Is a Valid Option

Change can be uncomfortable. And yet, here you are, my friend, reading this. Therefore, I am guessing your relationship isn't what you want it to be. That’s also a pretty uncomfortable place to be. Believe me, I know. You absolutely get to choose your discomfort. You might choose the familiar discomfort of your current results. Or, you might choose the discomfort of change as you invest in yourself and in your ability to curate healthy relationships.

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