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Are YOU Worried?

There is much that is different from what we had come to expect. There is much that is unknown about what is to come. Some opportunities have been lost, some postponed indefinitely. Your brain loves to solve problems. And, when your brain does not have all of the information that it needs to solve a problem, it makes sense of what is going on by creating stories.   It's brilliant, really. And, it means your brain is doing it's job.

  When is this a problem? It is a problem when you fail to supervise your brain. When you let it choose the "problem" to focus on. And then, when you believe the story it has created, as if it were fact. Your unsupervised brain will create stories of tragedy and drama. Your brain will suggest that if you just worry enough, you can control the outcome.

Take a moment to appreciate your brain's creativity and imagination.

Then, give it a job. "Brain, as long as you are creating and imagining, please imagine the possibilities of good and hopeful outcomes."

Worry only pretends to be useful and important.

As long as you are imagining a future,

what is the downside to imagining a good one?


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