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Feelings Are Fuel

There is actually not much that compares in importance to feelings, or emotions. Why? Well, because feelings are the fuel for ALL of our actions. If we think something will make us feel positive emotion, we take action toward that. If we think something will make us feel negative emotion, we take action to avoid or resist that.

So, what is this fuel made up of? Emotions are simply energy vibrations in our bodies. Think of the vibration like the movement of strings on a violin. Those strings, vibrating in specific ways, create musical chords. Emotions are like a musical chord, or vibration, in our bodies. Just like different musical chords sound different, different emotions feel different in our bodies -- they create a different vibration, if you will. And, different people can experience the same emotion in different ways.

We have been conditioned to believe that if we are feeling a negative emotion, it means that something has gone wrong, and needs to be fixed. But, the truth is, this life we are blessed with is supposed to be made up of about 50% positive and 50% negative emotion. That is the human experience! We are supposed to experience the contrast. In fact, without the contrast of negative, we wouldn't even comprehend the positive, because we would have nothing to compare it to. It is important to understand that feeling emotions is harmless. It's just a vibration.

Imagine your life if you were open to the full human experience of feeling ALL emotions! What if you weren't afraid to experience embarrassment, discomfort, fear, failure, or loneliness? What if you could remember that each emotion is just a vibration in your body, and that you can feel that vibration and not be harmed?

What negative emotion do you most fear feeling? Think of great lengths you may have gone to in order to avoid feeling that. While the simple vibration of the emotion may be harmless, so often the things we do in order to avoid it actually harms ourselves or others.

Being willing to feel any emotion is the secret to making all of your dreams come true. It is the answer to doing hard things. If you believe you should live solely in the Land of Positivity, you won't do things that cause you to stretch and grow. You'll choose comfort instead.

Anything you do or do not do

in your life

is because of

how you think it will make you feel.


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