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The Truth about Courage

Courage is such a desirable attribute. But, I think sometimes we mistakenly glorify what courage feels like. The truth is, courage feels awful. Think of the times when you need courage. It is almost ALWAYS when you are up against something hard, or scary, or vulnerable. Courage is what we need when the easy, comfortable, or familiar are no where in sight. Courage is found in seeing beyond the now, and being committed to who you will be on the other side.

Like any emotion, courage is created by your thoughts. So, when you are facing your personal trial or test, find the thought that will create a feeling of courage in you. That feeling of courage will enable you to do what needs to be done--to take the deep breath, to move forward through the discomfort, and to pick yourself up and try again when you fail.

I have a post-it on my bathroom mirror that asks, "what did I do today that was courageous?" It is there to remind me that my growth is directly correlated to my need to be courageous. I know that if my day required no courage from me, then I likely experienced no growth.

Honestly, I like the days that don't require courage better.

BUT, I like ME better when I choose to show up, feel the discomfort, and move forward anyway.


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