Leslie Merrell

Self-talk Transformation Coach

What Happened?

When a baby is born, we recognize their innate lovableness. We see their future as one of infinite possibility. We freely meet their needs, knowing that their ability to grow and progress depends on it.

That baby was once YOU -- innately lovable, a future of infinite possibility, with your needs being met without guilt or judgement. 

So, what happened? Why did you decide your lovableness was conditional? Why did you decide your potential and possibilities were limited? Why did you decide your needs were inconvenient, or unnecessary, or something to be earned?


I'll tell you what happened. Somewhere along the way, you were exposed to these thoughts and beliefs. You accepted them, and began to live your life as if they were true. And, your self-talk developed in such a way that it reinforces them.


I am on a mission to transform the way we talk to ourselves, to expose the truth that these thoughts and beliefs are completely optional, and to walk by your side as you re-discover your innate lovableness, infinite potential, and human needs.

How You Talk to Yourself Matters

Your words and thoughts have incredible power.

Learn to wield that power for your good.

Image by Aliyah Jamous
Image by Aliyah Jamous
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Why Does It Matter?

Your thoughts and beliefs are the seeds that grow your life.

You cannot criticize, loathe, or neglect yourself into a better version of yourself.

Believe me, I know from experience.

It simply does not work.

Your current thoughts are what got you to where you are.

If you want to go somewhere new, you will need new thoughts.

The way you talk to yourself

reveals your thoughts and beliefs.

To transform your life,

you will need to transform your thinking and beliefs.

Molly Zemek

Leslie is masterful in her ability to ask the right questions, and gently show me areas where I am holding myself back from my full potential. I did not realize the true value in having a personal life coach until I scheduled a free session with Leslie and experienced a major breakthrough in my thinking almost right away. It has been such a worthwhile investment of time and money to have Leslie as my coach, and I have made such incredible progress in key areas of my life as a result.

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