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Can You Relate?

You feel guilty that despite all of the wonderful things in your life, you still feel ... unfulfilled ... empty ... unhappy.

You let opportunities, ideas, and adventures pass you by, believing that those are for people without kids at home, or people who have more freedom.

You excel at supporting other people in their dreams, while keeping your own dreams on the back burner.

You sometimes feel a faint stirring that you could be and do more, and you desire to believe that it could be true.

I get you.  This was my story. Through life coaching, I learned that believing in and investing in myself is one of the most unselfish things I can do. Because I have grown, I have so much more to offer my spouse, my children, my God, my calling, and my world.  

I feel empowered, confident, joyful, and fulfilled!


I am passionate about sharing this work with you!

It is your turn and this is your time to

believe and invest in yourself!  

Yes, YOU!  Yes, NOW!

This is YOUR time to:

Bridge Over River
Happy Hiking
Sat on the Rocks


Out of practice? It's ok. I'll help you remember how. 

It's YOUR turn.


In yourself. In your ideas.

In your future.

It's YOUR turn.


Take the chance. Do the hard thing. Make the change.

It's YOUR turn.

It's Your Turn To Become

Empowered, Confident, Joyful, and Fulfilled

Let Me Show You How

You will discover what has truly held you back ,

gain valuable insight, and find your inner power to create the changes you seek.

Your past does not have to determine your future.

Dreams don't have to wait.

Joy and fulfillment are within your reach.

It's YOUR turn. This is YOUR time. 

Everything is impossible,... until it isn't.

Molly Zemek

Leslie is masterful in her ability to ask the right questions, and gently show me areas where I am holding myself back from my full potential. I did not realize the true value in having a personal life coach until I scheduled a free session with Leslie and experienced a major breakthrough in my thinking almost right away. It has been such a worthwhile investment of time and money to have Leslie as my coach, and I have made such incredible progress in key areas of my life as a result.

Interested in working with Leslie Merrell Coaching?

Together we will unleash your innate power, confidence, and joy. The world needs what you have to offer!



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