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Relationship Coaching for
Parents of Teens and Young Adults

Confidently Navigate Your Evolving Relationship

Create Connection

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Seeing things differently doesn't have to be a problem. You can choose to make it a beautiful opportunity to connect with them.

Parent from Your Values

Family Quality Time

Choosing to clearly identify and define your values allows you to be authentic and intentional in the way you show up in your parenting.

Honor Their Agency


Letting go of trying to control them or their experience gives them the opportunity

to make choices and learn from their results.

They are growing. Your relationship can too.

They don't need to change for your relationship to improve.

As we work together one-on-one, you will learn the skills, tools, and concepts

to confidently navigate your evolving relationship.

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I am Leslie Merrell: wife, mother, member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and certified Life Coach.

As a result of the things I have learned through life coaching:

~ My relationships have become so much happier and more connected.

~ My parenting has shifted in ways that have strengthened my relationships with my kids.

~ I am able to have hard conversations.

~ I have the tools to empower me to choose love, and release the need to control.

~ I no longer parent from a place of fear, anxiety and resentment.

~ My understanding of and conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ has expanded and deepened.

~ I have felt the healing and enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ in new and meaningful ways.

I chose to certify as a Life Coach because I want to help YOU to navigate the growth and healing that will transform the way you experience your relationships. Though it will take time and work, it is worthy of the sacrifice of your time, and it is the work most worth doing. I will count it a privilege to accompany you on your  journey. 

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Headshot image of testimonial author, Molly Zemek.

Molly Zemek

I experienced a major breakthrough in my thinking almost right away.

Leslie is masterful in her ability to ask the right questions, and gently show me areas where I am holding myself back from my full potential. It has been such a worthwhile investment of time and money to have Leslie as my coach, and I have made such incredible progress in key areas of my life as a result.

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