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Personal Life Coaching

Turn the life you have

into the life you want.

Stop feeling exhausted and resentful.

Believing that you need to do everything right creates feelings of defeat, resentment, and inadequacy. My coaching will teach you to honestly look at your beliefs and choose what you want to believe and why.  When you take ownership of your choices, the difference you feel will blow your mind.

Create Balance


It may look like you’ve got everything under control, but every day is a struggle. Together we will explore what your balanced life looks like, as you choose where to spend your time.

Live Authentically

Face Complexion

Surrendering our preferences then blaming others for our choices creates a victim mentality. You can reclaim your agency and transform yourself in your relationships.

Build Confidence

We usually measure our faults against all the other “perfect” people. Together, we will question and  explore what  “getting it right”  means to you.

The Empowerment Solution

My Empowerment Solution affects change in a 3-part process



of current

unconscious beliefs.


of your thoughts

and values.



as you create the

life you want.


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I am Leslie Merrell: wife, mother, member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and certified Life Coach.

In 2017, I had everything that I had ever dreamed of, and so much more. Yet, I was deeply unhappy. On social media, I asked for recommendations for a counselor or therapist. I felt stuck, exhausted, and resentful. I did find a therapist who helped me, but eventually my progress stalled. Around that time, I was introduced to life-coaching. Immediately, I began to experience shifts in my thinking. Things that had felt “off” began to fall into place. This was exactly what I had been looking for. 


I chose to certify as a Life Coach because I wanted to share these tools and concepts with you. I can teach you that powerlessness is an illusion and that “I have to” is a lie. I can teach you to embrace the flawed and fabulous YOU, instead of who you think you are supposed to be. I can teach you how to take control of your emotions and your life.  Outwardly, my life has changed very little, and yet, because of coaching, my experience of my life is completely transformed. I love my life now! 


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Molly Zemek

I did not realize the true value in having a personal life coach until I scheduled a free session with Leslie and experienced a major breakthrough in my thinking almost right away. Leslie is masterful in her ability to ask the right questions, and gently show me areas where I am holding myself back from my full potential. It has been such a worthwhile investment of time and money to have Leslie as my coach, and I have made such incredible progress in key areas of my life as a result.


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